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My ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Romantic Predictions for 2013


Since I was a kid I always loved to try to guess what my favorite fictional characters will do next. Especially the couples and although still bitter that Mulder and Scully never had a “release our sexual tension moment” in the silver screen (Curse you Chris Carter!) I still like to play this game with other ships. Here is what I think it will happen with our beloved Geeky Bunch.

Amy and Sheldon (SHAMY) will get physically closer.

I don’t think we will have full-blown sex this year, but I surely think they will at some point. But I think is obvious by Sheldon picking to spank Amy as disciplinary measure that she is breaking him slowly to get him to see her as more than just a “girl’ that is his “friend” I will predict a kiss initiated by Sheldon or a make out session, maybe initiated by Amy, but that will get at least “That was not as repulsive as I was expecting” or a “We might add kissing to our relationship contract” from our adorable asexual-in-transition-to-stud genius.

Bernadette and Howard (HOWARDETTE) get a pregnancy or pregnancy scare.

Well we already know that the theme of the kids is a difficult one so having the possibility of getting one this early has the potential to get our newlyweds closer or to bring a lot of issues to the surface I also think the grandparents scream match about what religion that poor kid is going to be, will be hilarious.

Penny and Leonard (LENNY) Penny proposes to Leonard.

We know there is a love triangle brewing with someone who can give Penny a run for her money and Penny has shown commitment issues over Leonard, I think the right combo might make her realize that she indeed wants the rest of her life with him and given that this show already had one of the couples tying the knot is only natural that they are the second. It will also be fun to see Amy arm-wrestling the bouquet from anyone that dares to try to take it.

Raj... will get a girlfriend or boyfriend?

This one is announced to happen I’m 51% thinking that Raj should get a geeky girlfriend, he has tried with more conventional girls with no success I think one of us should be the next and definitive one. I also think it would be interesting if she is an African-American or a Latina (My vote would be for Tyra Banks, America Ferrera or Dania Ramirez to play her) given that we don’t have any on the show at this point, and it will enrich the representation of all types of geeks, no to mention we have enough blondes already.

Now my 49% is for Raj to get a boyfriend, I’m not so much into this development because “Rule of Funny” says that it would kill the pun of his jokes and is kind of lame “The guy suspected gay for a bunch of stereotypes was actually gay!” hear the rim-shot and the laugh sign to the audience. In any case if they go this route I think they should go with Stuart (RAJTUART? STUARJESH?) since he has taken the place of Howard as pathetic single and he is the only one that gets the homo-eroticism of his puns, it seems like a match make on geek heaven.

Now to wait and see what new exciting development will, Chuck Lorre and his team, bring this new year the first since 1987 without repeated numbers.

Originally published in Yahoo Voices.

Star Wars Vs Star Trek


I’m a fan of both, personally and I’m hoping in raising LO as a moderate Nerd like me. Meaning not wars about what to like or not and how that reflects according to your peer group of nerds. I’m a veteran from Marvel vs DC and in the end we are all comic book fans and are happy that Hollywood is finally investing on our stories to make them come to live in the big screen. Of course is far from perfect. Spider-man reboot was too quick.  I haven’t watched it BTW, the combo of the first ad looking like a rip-off of a famous video game and Toby is my Peter Parker, really didn’t get me the need to watch it (I know bad nerd, bad nerd). Aside from the Batman franchise masterfully directed by Christopher Nolan, DC is the new Marvel on making bad movies of every superhero. Maybe the youngest crowd doesn’t remember but once upon a time every single Marvel movie was a piece of unwatchable crap. The worst offender 90’s Captain America…ugh I’m saving a review of it for the Nerdrage section when I master the courage of accessing the part of my brain those memories jailed. DC still doesn’t has the Justice League movie we are all waiting for and Superman is the most anticipated franchise that doesn’t seem able to get established sadly for us fans of the Big Blue, hopefully Zack Snyder with Man of Steel gets the right movie to start. Marvel had fantastic movies leading up the nerdgasm of The Avengers done by the seasoned Joss Whedon, although both houses are lacking in the female superhero area. So things are not perfect but we are going into a good place, me thinks.

So is there a point on comparing and choosing? I don’t think so in the end we all are just lovers and we want to enjoy our fictional universes and franchises. Jedis, Trekkies or both in the end should come together breed and take over the worl…  I mean we should share in peace our loves without making it about competition.

So May the force make you live long and prosper.


I was inspired to write this post because of this graphic courtesy of Barnorama.


TBBT:123.613.The Bakersfield Expedition


First things first. Sheldon dressed as Data = HOT!

I was a bit worried about this episode as a female nerd seeing the girls entering the store and make it a big deal reminded me of the stereotype that girls don’t read comics or like nerdy stuff (hence in my prediction for the show I’m hoping for Raj to get a truly nerdy girlfriend in the show) but it turned out that for the girls that love nerds all they needed was to give it a chance and they started to argue like we fans do it on regularly, Stuart was right about that, oh so right. The homage to TNG keeps going (Sheldon dressed as Data = HOT!) I would have made Raj into Geordi personally and Howard into Riker (I mean really Riker was the seducer of the ship no one better than Howard for that role). But I guess it was too obvious.

Sheldon was so annoying with his voice on the GPS. Although personally would love if my GPS had his voice if possible, but he had another human moment feeling stupid with all those people looking at them and the driver that threw the drink to him, I know the feeling every nerd has had this moment of doubt and ridicule at some point. Raj was adorkable trying to lighten the mood and keeping the spirits up. Leonard was really cute with taking pictures of Penny so people will believe him. Howard talking about mom as usual.

The girls were really good I love how Bernadette is always trying to be a better wife and partner and the other girls follow her lead (Catholic girls FTW!) and Penny is also slowly trying to be more understanding of Leonard’s world. Is it me or Amy is about to explode? The sexual innuendo was on Warp 9, if you excuse the pun, Sheldon better get that one going or she is going to end up melting his action figure collection.

Overall great episode, some jokes were a bit off so I will give it 3 1/2 Bazingas out of 5.



Sheldon dressed as Data = HOT!

The guild: End Game: Is truly the end?


The show season finale was both nice and heartwarming, but also confusing. Was this the end? Vork has a girlfriend and possibly a job. Clara has a job that she might not be that lazy to sustain, Tink developed feelings for real, Bladezz is coming back home after her mother broke up with Bruiser, ex-member of the Axis of Anarchy. Zaboo ended up in love with maybe a real woman he needs to find? And, our Codex ended up with a job at something she loves and calling The Guild her friends.

The show ultimate message was, that haters are just fans that don’t know how their comments affect the things they love the most.

Is not a bad ending if it is, but I hope they do come back, it can also work as a way to have the show move on to a different stage on every member’s life. The symbolic turn off of the computer could only mean that they are more than players now and they could expand and do bigger nerdy things.

In a bigger version of The Guild we could explore more about these, this characters. Zaboo needs to actually falls for real women that actually love him and not use him (his mom needs to come back she was hilarious), Vork and Tink have little romantic relationship experience it would be fun to see them trying to work against their nature and they could even bond over that. Clara needs to be a bit more responsible and who knows maybe she will be the breadwinner while Wiggly stay-at-home-dad with the kids, Bladezz could learn a bit more responsibility and maybe go to college for real. That would be an interesting development and of course Codex needs to develop her skills and find love as well.

In any case love the show, if it comes back I will be back with it if not.

Thank you guys it was the best of times, it was the nerd of times, see you online were my Paladin kicks your butt and loots your body.

TBBT:123.612.The Egg Salad Equivalency


My favorite show is back!  And it started the year with a blast!

Sheldon, my beloved socially challenged genius couldn’t have screwed himself and his friends more if he tried to convert to Christianity to Richard Dawkins. One of the things I do like about the show is that aside from all the nerdy/geeky references and hints they usually push the limits with things like spanking Amy and now they had Sheldon calling an AA woman slave to her face and to question the mental sanity of women affected by their nature and fertility window. Probably his mom, him being asexual so far (crossing fingers for SHAMY consummating), never actually talked to him about how to address the ladies and even though he has made Penny feel uncomfortable several times one would assume he got the Human Resources training to avoid this situation in the job place. Alas he didn’t, hijinks ensued for our pleasure.

I liked that Howard is familiar with Janine to a point to ask about his family one has to imagine how many women filed complains about him before. Although I wished that the lady acknowledge his progress.

Raj got a cute tiny female dog (if the bow is an indication) that was so very cute and sad he also though ahead and got some alcohol to be able to talk to “Brown Sugar” that will explain why in The Santa Simulation” he managed to actually talk to Penny before he got to the bar, though it was a mistake in this case being HR interview. He is a scientist though, I hope he will come up with some alcohol pills or start experimenting to find the sweet spot how many ounces he needs to be able to talk to women without acting like a dork.

Leonard was indeed channeling Kirk too much (Picard girl FTW!), but his “serenade’ was really cute and I do like LENNY as couple and I hate that poaching which Alex, can’t wait for Sheldon to fire her. I also think Penny will come to a point when she will like at least finish her college education to be able to feel less insecure about not matching Leonard intellectually.

I will give this episode 4 1/2 bazingas out of 5.Sheldon-Cooper-Bazinga


I’m totally asking hubby a Sheldon Cooper council of women’s pink T-Shirt for Valentine’s Day.